Staying Safe in Style with the Ultimate Heartthrob

CopperMask Piolo Pascual
CopperMask Piolo Pascual

What makes Piolo Pascual the Ultimate Heartthrob up to these times? The often shy, quiet and private PapaPi, as most fondly called him, remains one of the most sought-after personalities in the industry.

Admired for his ageless beauty – inside and out, grace and charm – the award-winning actor, singer, model and businessman, continues to stay relevant and appealing even to the younger generation of fans. Through the years, Piolo has been through a lot of controversies and flaks and despite all these, the actor stayed a true gentleman, unabashed.

What could be his secret? “I never stopped improving and challenging myself. I continue to LEVEL UP!” quips the actor who was recently unveiled as the first brand ambassador of CopperMask – a brand known for its stylish and unique facial mask infused with copper strands.

Just like Piolo, CopperMask continues to level up the ‘essentials’ game by submitting and undergoing its product into rigid clinical tests to ensure that the brand is more than just about being ‘in style’ but truthfully providing a safe and effective layer of protection for the people.

The All-New CopperMask Copper Strand-Infused Facial Masks underwent extensive clinical tests from reputable research testing facilities in Korea and China.

CopperMask Piolo Pascual

Just like Piolo, always Stay Safe in Style

The following were the certified test results:

What’s more, CopperMask now launched a wide array of elegant colors to choose from to suit and match your everyday mood and style.

Coppermask indeed, leveled up to be the Ultimate Protective Mask just like the Ultimate Heartthrob, Mr. Piolo Pascual, both, representing Form and Function, Comfort and Style and most importantly, Safety and Efficacy to provide the market a more functional and effective facial mask gear for Filipinos.